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Entrepreneurial Communities


Michigan State University Programs

Land Policy Institute

Innovation Club for Entrepreneurs (ICE)

The Innovation Club for Entrepreneurs (ICE) provides a new forum for young professionals [and others] of the Greater Lansing Area to share and explore ideas in a positive and supportive environment, create or strengthen existing networks for collaboration and find resources to bring ideas to life. ICE is a collaborative effort of the Land Policy Institute and YSGLansing. For more information, contact Dr. Barb Fails at (517) 432-3287 or at

Creating Entrepreneurial Communities

The Entrepreneurial Communities program serves to encourage and promote the development of entrepreneurial communities in Michigan.  It aligns with the People and Land’s (PAL) six Pillars of Prosperity – pillar #6 is Entrepreneurial and Inclusive communities – and is one component of the MSU Land Policy Institute’s portfolio of programs to help Michigan communities become more prosperous.   The goal of the program is to grow Michigan’s economy through entrepreneurship that is supported by community-based systems.  It strives to do so by working directly with communities and a wide network of partners to develop those systems, to help them better understand entrepreneurship in the new economy, and to attract and retain talent.  That is because in the new economy, both education and entrepreneurial talent matter; they are key to transforming both our culture and our economy.  For more information, contact Dr. Barb Fails at (517) 432-3287 or at

People and Land

The People and Land (PAL) vision for Michigan’s future is one shared by businesses, researchers, and thought leaders. Together, we are planning a Michigan that will have a key role in the new knowledge-based economy. Michigan is poised to provide a uniquely beautiful home for New Economy growth by applying strategic planning and smart policies that focus on what we must have to succeed. Together, we must focus on six key Pillars for Prosperity that will serve as a foundation for Michigan’s future.

Successful regions in Michigan have organized themselves around one objective—to plan for the kind of growth that would make them good places to live, work, and play. Working together with Michigan’s universities, the Michigan State University Land Policy Institute, and Public Sector Consultants Inc., PAL is providing technical assistance and funding planning initiatives in regions that have demonstrated the leadership to make change.

The Six Pillars for Michigan’s Prosperity:  Pillar 6: Inclusive and Entrepreneurial Culture

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Regional Programs


East Lansing Technology Innovation Center

The City of East Lansing, in partnership with the Lansing Regional SmartZone, the East Lansing DowntownDevelopment Authority and the Local Development Finance Authority, has created the Technology Innovation Center (TIC) in Downtown East Lansing to facilitate the development of the technology-based economy of the mid-Michigan region and bolster the region's professional workforce.  The TIC features 7,000 square feet of newly renovated, loft-style office space overlooking downtown East Lansing’s Grand River Avenue and the beautiful Michigan State University campus.  The three main objectives of the Technology Innovation Center are:

  • Identify and support high technology business opportunities
  • Promote long-term and sustainable economic development in East Lansing and the region
  • Support the business community by providing affordable office space and services, training, funding sources, mentoring and a network of professional advisors

MIT Enterprise Forum

The Great Lakes Chapter of the MIT Enterprise Forum and GLEQ are sponsoring the 2009-10 Savvy Entrepreneur event series.  Co-produced with, and hosted by, a number of the region’s leading innovation accelerators and research institutions, the series provides early to mid-stage technology entrepreneurs with guidance on key topics that all start ups must navigate to realize success.

Great Lakes Entrepreneur Quest (GLEQ)

The Great Lakes Entrepreneur's Quest aspires to be an engine for the formation of new, high-growth companies in Michigan.  The mission of the Great Lakes Entrepreneur's Quest, and its competition, is to continually encourage and educate entrepreneurs on the creation, start up and early growth stages of high-growth businesses within the state of Michigan. This will be accomplished by linking entrepreneurs pursuing high-growth opportunities with access to a statewide network of community resources, expert advice, high quality education, management talent and capital at every stage of development.

GLEQ's competition will provide a venue for feedback from successful entrepreneurs and investors on ideas and plans submitted and will recognize the most promising entrepreneurs and their businesses.

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Fulcrum (Young, Smart, Global)

Fulcrum is a non‐profit network of entrepreneurs and innovators who are focused on building creative, enterprising communities. We are committed to developing a culture that empowers young, smart, global, and enterprising people and ideas. Unlike any other organization, Fulcrum provides innovators and enterprisers with resources to generate a high velocity of creativity and enterprise.

YSG Mentorship Program for Promising Entrepreneurs

The program was designed to give Greater Lansing innovators the necessary support and encouragement to start, grow and transform businesses by giving them access to existing young, enterprising individuals. We are selectively recruiting mentors and mentees to join the program.Mentors include CEOs, community leaders, innovators, or anyone else exhibiting Young, Smart and Global traits. Mentees will undergo an extensive application process designed to best pair them with a selected mentor. To sign-up, fill out this form:

Grand River Connection

The Grand River Connection seeks to develop a stronger network to support Lansing and East Lansing's young and vital workforce. Our diverse, non-partisan group provides fun, social, and professional connections that encourage economic growth and community involvement where we live, work, and play.

Capital Area Local First (CALF)

Capital Area Local First (CALF) is a collaborative effort between local independent business owners, non-profit organizations and individuals in the Capital Area to support local ownership, a sense of community, and financial, environmental, and socialwell-being, to educate our community about the multiple benefits of locally-owned independent businesses, and to nurture relationships among locally-owned businesses.

Capital Gains

Capital Gains is an online magazine and web site showcasing thegrowth and investmentstransforming the Lansing region. Capital Gains tells the story of the city’s entrepreneurs, investments, neighborhoods, and arts and culture with the latest development and jobs news in the Lansing area. Featuring original stories and photography, Capital Gains will have you seeing the Capital City differently.

Michigan Global Entrepreneurship Week

Michigan is participating in Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), a celebration of innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity. The Week will bring together millions of young people across the globe through online and local activities and encourage them to think innovatively and unleash their ideas. Through a coordinated effort with many different countries, during one week every year, the world will celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit in hopes of inspiring a new generation of young entrepreneurs. To date, Michigan has more than 80 partners and sponsors for activities that will take place in 83 counties in Michigan during GEW, November 16-22, 2009. I'm responsible for coordinating the initiative. All positions and activity coordinators are volunteers. Please contact Joe Venuto:

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